Behind the Song: I’ll Be a Sunbeam

I’ll Be a Sunbeam is a popular children’s hymn often learned in Sunday School. The song is often referred to as Jesus wants me for a sunbeam, due to the opening lines of the hymn. The lyrics were written by Nellie Talbot. Virtually nothing is known about Nellie Talbot. Even efforts to find her in census records prove to be […]

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A Song For All Ages

Jesus Loves You

One of the first songs we learn to sing as children is “Jesus Loves Me.” When I go into the nursing homes and daycares to perform, for music therapy or a music session I always end with Jesus Loves Me. I’ve discovered several things: 1. Everyone knows this song 2. The song seems to resonate and touch a chord with […]

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Do You Ignore Your Loved Ones

Do you care?

I was reminded this week of just how short life can be. It’s important to cherish the ones we are with and let them know how much we love and appreciate them while we’re with them. We never know when we might not have those little moments together again. Death can come like a thief in the night and leave […]

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