Music unlocks Alzheimers

Working with Alzheimer’s patients on a daily basis I constantly see the effects music has on those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s. A couple of my favorite stories include: 1. The lady that had terrible flashbacks. Yet, I could calm her with music. She may not remember family members but she could sing the words to many hymns and oldies […]

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Do You Ignore Your Loved Ones

Do you care?

I was reminded this week of just how short life can be. It’s important to cherish the ones we are with and let them know how much we love and appreciate them while we’re with them. We never know when we might not have those little moments together again. Death can come like a thief in the night and leave […]

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Lend A Helping Hand

I spend a lot of time with my grandmother and as a caregiver. It makes me feel bad when work or other obligations limit the time I have to check on my grandmother. It is so easy to get lonely and feel as if no one cares anymore. The other day we returned to her home from physical therapy. We’d […]

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