Second Chances: Moses

We’ve been discussing people in the Bible who received a second chance.  We’ve already taken a look at the second chances Jonah, Job and Rahab received.  Today we’re going to take a look at Moses. Moses was actually given three chances.  We first meet Moses as an infant, who should have been killed at birth.  However, his mother saved him […]

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Second Chances: Rahab

Sometimes life and circumstances takes us down roads we would not have chosen.   We do not know the reason Rahab became a prostitute, but we do know that God used her and redeemed her.  She is one of four women listed in the genealogy of Jesus.  She is even listed in the Faith Hall of Fame that can be found […]

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Second Chances: Job

There are times when life is hard and I wonder how much more I can take.  There have been times when I’ve wondered if I’m being tested the way Job was.  Sometimes I’ve wondered how he dealt with so much pain and loss without becoming bitter and resentful.  Job is very different from, Jonah, who defied God in the beginning. […]

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A Song For All Ages

Jesus Loves You

One of the first songs we learn to sing as children is “Jesus Loves Me.” When I go into the nursing homes and daycares to perform, for music therapy or a music session I always end with Jesus Loves Me. I’ve discovered several things: 1. Everyone knows this song 2. The song seems to resonate and touch a chord with […]

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“Lovest Thou Me?”

Have you ever denied Christ? Peter denied Jesus three times the night Christ was arrested. Afterwards the disciple was horrified to realize he’d done the very thing Jesus foretold. Earlier that evening while the disciple were partaking of {what we now call} the Last Supper, Jesus began to prepare the men for what was to come. “Then Jesus told them, […]

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Let Us Rejoice….HE IS RISEN

Happy Easter! Easter is one of my favorite holidays. The day we remember that Jesus did not stay dead, but He Arose! 1 Corinthians 1:18 says, “For the word of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us who are saved it is the power of God.” The cross cleansed our sin, but the resurrection gives us […]

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