Wellness Tuesday: 8 Tips for the Reluctant Cook

I shared the other week that I don’t really care to cook.  However, I’m seeing the benefits to eating in and cooking more.

I’m definitely a reluctant cook, but have found some tips that work:kalecut

  1. I’ve found a few solutions that work for me with cooking.
  2. Fixing healthy casseroles will last for several meals
  3. I can cook meals in the crock pot
  4. I can cook on the weekend for the rest of the week
  5. Frozen vegetables are easy to microwave
  6. Fruit is easy to cut up
  7. I have to plan ahead
  8. I can fix my plates in portion controls for each meal


By taking these steps and planning ahead, I’m saving a lot on both time and the budget.

What tips do you have for planning ahead and cooking?

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